Job search preparations

Status of residence

To work in Japan, you need a status of residence that permits you to work.

Key points of job applications and interviews

In Japan, there are certain steps for job applicants to follow, including preparing their resume and work history and calling the company to which they will apply. They can make themselves feel confident during an interview by preparing for it, including checking essential points to remember when interviewing at a Japanese company.

Job application and interview tips (Hokkaido Arbeit Johosha Co., Ltd.), Japanese

Levels of Japanese competency necessary to work in Japan

To work in Japan, communication skills in Japanese are essential. Holding a certain level of certification of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is often among application requirements in help-wanted magazines. To find the job you want, it is important to improve your Japanese.

Job search

Registration as a job seeker at a Public Employment Security Office, a.k.a. Hello Work

Hello Work is a government institution that provides employment consultations and introduces people to jobs free of charge. Registration as a job seeker there allows you to access help-wanted ads.

Hello Work Plaza Sapporo

This public employment security office has an Employment Service Corner for Foreigners and a Corner for International Students. Here, interpretation services are available in English, Chinese and Korean on certain days of the week. Interpretation services in different languages are available on different days of the week ; Check before actually going there.

JOBKITA (Hokkaido Arbeit Johosha Co., Ltd.)

JOBKITA helps job seekers find employment in Hokkaido.

The City of Sapporo and the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation signed an agreement with JOBKITA, the name by which Hokkaido Arbeit Johosha Co., Ltd. is commonly known, to work in collaboration to provide livelihood and employment support necessary for foreign nationals to lead a stable life in Sapporo.

Seminars hosted by JOBKITA and SICPF

The Sapporo International Communication Plaza and Jobkita are working together to offer seminars to help foreign residents who want to find a job interview and apply for part-time jobs.

Past seminars

December 6, 2021
How to make a resume/CV
In addition to taking photos for resumes, participants learned tips on how to write resumes and actually created their own.
November 4, 2020
How to apply for Japanese part-time jobs
Participants learned what and how to write in the "work history" and "self-introduction" sections by looking at online application sites.
September 10, 2020
Taking Japanese-style interview for a part-time job
There was a lecture on the Japanese style of interviewing and the preparation, followed by a practice interview with the SICPF staff members.

Seminar on how to make a resume/CV
(December 6, 2021)

Working conditions and labor counseling

Checking working conditions

Check your working conditions before you actually start working.

Both full-time workers and part-timers are protected by the Labor Standards Act.

Consultation services for foreign workers

Telephone and in-person consultation services are available to foreign workers. If a problem arises, do not keep it to yourself—be sure to use these services instead. Please feel free to also use free professional consultations offered at the SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents.

 Unemployment insurance

People who have lost employment or left companies and are searching for a new job may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance or other unemployment benefits.

Business Start-up

Online Seminar for foreign Residents "Business Start-up in Japan" Seminar Handout