Natural disasters in Sapporo

Every year, natural disasters such as earthquakes and storm and flood disasters, hit many parts of Japan. Sapporo has also sustained heavy damage due to natural disasters, including typhoons and earthquakes. It is thus essential to ensure a constant state of preparedness with proper knowledge of how to respond in the event of a disaster.

Natural disasters in Sapporo

Earthquake (2018)

Typhoon-induced debris flow and flood (1981)

Collapsed road due to a typhoon (2014)

Snow damage (2012)

Disaster Pocket Guide

Disaster Pocket Guide

Emergency alert text messages

Emergency alert text messages (Emergency Alert Mail/Area Mail) are a Japanese-language service for instantly broadcasting emergency information to mobile phones. Such information includes that on natural disasters, terrorist attacks, missile attacks and the like; evacuation information; and information on major power outages and the restoration of lifeline facilities.
You will receive messages automatically if you are near the place where a disaster occurs. Registration is not required as the City of Sapporo utilizes services provided by NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and SoftBank mobile phone operators.

[What to do if you receive an emergency alert text message]

  • Remain calm and act to secure your safety.
  • Check the weather information in the area where you are now.
  •  Evacuate quickly if evacuation is necessary.

Disaster preparedness

Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center, a hands-on facility where visitors can learn about disasters (City of Sapporo), Japanese

Sapporo Disaster Management App (Sonae)Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Note: Emergency alert text messages issued by the City of Sapporo are partially available in English.

iPhone版 Android版

Disaster messaging services/Disaster Message Board (Web171)

Multilingual Disaster Support Center (in the event of a major disaster in Sapporo)

In the event of a major disaster in Sapporo, the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation will open the Multilingual Disaster Support Center to provide swift support to foreign nationals.

The Center provides updated information on disasters in several different languages (through its e-mail newsletters, social media platform, and website).

E-mail newsletter

 The Center provides guidance in several different languages.

011-211-2105 / 011-211-3678

The Center’s staff members visit evacuation centers to provide guidance to foreign nationals.

(2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake)

Disaster drills for foreign residents 

The Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF) provides disaster drills for foreign residents.

Visit to the Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center

(Earthquake simulation corner, hands-on fire extinguisher corner, smoke evacuation simulation corner, storm simulation corner)

Emergency relief training & 119-call training

Cooperation: Sapporo Fire Bureau

Cooperation with community disaster drills

 SICPF also provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange to help foreign residents build face-to-face relations with local Japanese residents.

Stretch class useful at evacuation centers

Hands-on butter-making experience