Emergency Number 119 (ambulance/fire engine) for sudden illness, injury or fire)

If you need an ambulance or a fire engine because of sudden illness, injury or fire, dial 119.


English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Tagalog, Nepalese, Malay

Note: Some languages are not available depending on the time of day, congestion levels and other factors.

Emergency number 110 (police) for traffic accidents or crimes

If you are the victim of a crime or are worried about your safety,  call the police immediately at 110.

Receiving medical treatment at night/on holidays

Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo TEL: #7119 or 011-272-7119

You can call this number in the event of sudden illness or injury to ask whether it is best to visit a clinic/hospital or call an ambulance.

TEL #7119 or 011-272-7119
Hours  24/7
Languages (Telephone interpretation) 

English, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Indonesian, German, Italian, Russian, Malay,  Burmese,  Khmer, Mogolian, Sinhala, Hindi, Bengali

Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo

Sapporo Medical Communication Hotline  011-211-2121

Clinics and hospitals on duty

Clinics and hospitals on duty provide out-of-hours care for patients in need of urgent medical treatment.

Sudden illness at night

Night-Time Emergency Medical Center


Internal medicine, pediatrics: 19:00 – 7:00  the following morning (Note: Check-in time is until 6:30)

Ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology: 19:00 – 23:00

Contact West 19 Bldg., Odori Nishi 19-chome, Chuo-ku  TEL: 011-641-4316
Available languages Japanese
URL https://www.city.sapporo.jp.e.ain.hp.transer.com/shisetsuannai/165.html

Oral Medical Center

Hours Dentistry: 19:00 – 23:00
Contact Sapporo Dental Association Center, Minami 7-jo, Nishi 10-chome, Chuo-ku TEL: 011-511-7774
Available languages Japanese
URL https://www.city.sapporo.jp.e.ain.hp.transer.com/shisetsuannai/166.html

Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology Telephone Consultation Services


Obstetrics and gynecology: 19:00 – 9:00 the following morning


TEL: 011-290-3299 (Contact your primary care physician first.)

Available languages

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Malay

Emergency Pediatric Telephone Consultation Services


Pediatrics: 19:00 – 8:00 the following morning


TEL: ♯8000 or 011-232-1599 (Diagnosis and treatment are not provided by phone.)

Available languages


Sapporo Psychiatric Emergency Information Center

Hours Psychiatry: Weekdays 17:00 – 9:00 the following morning; Weekends/holidays 9:00 – 9:00 the following morning
Contact TEL: 011-204-6010 (Patients who can wait until next day to receive psychiatric care may not be accepted.)
Available languages Japanese
URL https://www.city.sapporo.jp.e.ain.hp.transer.com/eisei/gyomu/SEISIN/about/#unei

Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital


Internal medicine and surgical departments: Weekdays 17:00 – 9:00 the following morning; Weekends/holidays 9:00 – 9:00 the following morning


Kita 33-jo Higashi 14-chome 3-1, Higashi-ku TEL: 011-722-1110

Available languages

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese
URL https://www.higashi-tokushukai.or.jp/la_en/

Hokkaido Emergency Medical Treatment Information Center


0120-20-8699 or 011-221-8699